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MONAS technology has been developing microbiological soil amendments and introducing them into the agricultural praxis since 2008. At MONAS technology our mission is to search for novel technological approaches and preparations that will improve the crop yields in the long term while contributing to the crop protection against diseases. We focus on developing original preparations based on beneficial soil bacteria that act as fungi pathogen antagonists while positively affecting the physical properties of the soil and contributing to the soil nutrients cycle. The simultaneous complex activity against plant pathogens while improving soil nutrients accessibility and uptake by the cultivated plants belongs among the main advantages of our microbial preparations.

  • 2023 There is a new addition to our portfolio: BALET® - a revolutionary product for the treatment of corn.
  • 2023 In times when insecticides are scarce, we have managed to develop and bring to registration SUFY®, a natural product against aphids.
  • 2022 This year, we are introducing two new products:
    • KESTOM®, a product to promote soil fertility, based on Trichoderma atroviride
    • KANGER® based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, aimed to boost the vitality of pome fruit trees
  • 2021 Our portfolio grows by a new plant health-promoting biological product BASKUS®, which is especially effective in the presence of bacterial infections.
  • 2020 From this year onwards, the registration of products PROMETHEUS®CZ and FIX-H+N® is also valid in Bulgaria.
  • 2019 The registration of HIRUNDO® has been extended to poppy crops on alkaline soils.
  • 2019 We are introducing the production of dry formulations for hobby gardeners, with these trademarks pending:
    • INPORO Zdravá zelenina ("Healthy Vegetables")
    • INPORO Růst zeleniny ("Growth of Vegetables")
  • 2018 The applicability of our products now extends to all kinds of vegetables (valid for PROMETHEUS®CZ, Hirundo® and FIX-H+N®).
  • 2017 From this year on, our bacterial amendments can also be applied by growers in Slovakia.
  • 2016 The applicability of PROMETHEUS®CZ has been extended to sunflower crops.
  • 2015 We have added FIX-H+N® to our offer, an amendment registered for use in maize.
  • 2014 The applicability of PROMETHEUS®CZ has been extended to poppy fields.
  • 2013 In our second product, HIRUNDO®, we have brought you the possibility of increasing the of oilseed-rape yields by applying another species of bacterium.
  • 2011 With PROMETHEUS®CZ, we have introduced an innovative trend on our market: a soil amendment for rapeseed cultivation, containing friendly rhizospheric bacteria.

We continuously seek new beneficial bacteria strains with the highest activity for different crops. We also study microbial life in different soil-types taking a special interest in understanding interactions of microorganisms in soil and their potential benefits for cultivated plants. We verify our findings experimentally in field tests in collaboration with both broadly recognized agricultural institutions and individual farmers. We manufacture our products in the Czech Republic and sell them to our customers directly, or in collaboration with several distributors.

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