Bakteriální přípravky do řepky, máku, slunečnice, kukuřice a zeleniny Monas Technology


Season 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, new product registration is valid for BASKUS®, a novel natural soil amendment, which provides assistance in the cultivation of vegetables and potatoes, especially in the presence of bacterial infections.

Season 2020

Our products PROMETHEUS®CZ a FIX-H+N® are now registered for the Bulgarian market, where we have entered into a partnership with Amitica Ltd.

Bacteria are newly delivered in small packs in powder form as well. This dry product is particularly suitable for gardeners and is distributed in cooperation with AgroBio Opava.

Season 2019

During the days 21. - 23. October 2019, MONAS technology participated in the international conference "Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting" in Basel, Switzerland.

Season 2018

Thanks to the new registration in 2018, our products PROMETHEUS®CZ, HIRUNDO® a FIX-H+N® can also be used for growing all kinds of vegetables.

Beneficial bacteria on the roots of plants will help to feed the world
Read what was written about the symbiotic root bacteria on the website of the educational magazine Prima ZOOM (CZECH).

Season 2017

We have extended the registration of our products for the Slovak Republic in cooperation with BELBA PLUS, s.r.o.

We'we responded to the requests of many, and made the use of the Prometheus ammendment possible also in the sunflower stands.

Season 2016

Till the season 2016, we have prepared a new amendment tailored to increase the yields of maize - FIX-H+N®

In 2016, we have prepared a special reward for our customers in the form of vouchers for various leisure activities, or 10 liters of our amendments for free.

Season 2015

We offer a free service of crops disease determination to all customers who have signed a contract for the year 2015.


Article in the on-line journal Gate2Biotech:
Microorganisms stimulating oilseed rape (czech only)