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MONAS Technology

RNDr. David Novotný, Ph.D.,
Plav 122, 370 07 České Budějovice

We will gladly answer your questions about our products as well as inquiries regarding possible cooperation. Feel free to contact our sales representatives:

Company director and sales representative for the south-bohemian region
RNDr. David Novotný Ph.D.
+(420) 777 664 756
Research, development & registrations, sales representative for selected parts of Bohemia
RNDr. Jana Volková
+(420) 775 129 876
Sales representative for Eastern and Central Bohemia
František Kletečka
+(420) 723 846 751
Sales representative for Moravia
Ing. Yamen Shmit Ph.D.
+(420) 608 841 044
Sales representative for the north-eastern part of Bohemia
Natalia Kapalínová
+(420) 774 209 909
\n This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sales reresentantives by region: